In one sentence:

I am your Guru for UNIX, Solaris and Linux administration, TCP/IP, client/server-programming, system and network engineering.

I am mostly assigned, practically unavailable. But i can help you finding pretty equal qualified people.

1 Current Profile (PDF) -
Tip! clearly represented. Updated: 10/11/2014

2 Current short profile -
Updated: 01/30/2012 @Gulp.De... Database for freelancer... very comfortable, but german only...

Please consider that the content of the following pages was not updated since years.

3 Skills -
My professional skills, at a glance ... Not project-related.

4 GPL-Projects -
Technology that is reusable. ... Contemporary.

5 More Projects -
More about my job-related history ... Chronological.

6 Biography -
More about Me ...

7 Contact

8 Pictures -
Some pics of mine...

9 Imprint

I have spent very much time in front of CRTs during the last 15 years, for this reason I'd prefer a job as a technical consultant or project manager.

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