My most important professional Skills

  • Operating Sytems:
    I am famliliar with most of the unix system calls. In 1993 I worked as a trainer for "Systemcall programming under UNIX". I am an expert for the following Operating Sytems: GNU, Unix, Linux, SuSE, Solaris, SunOS, RedHat, FreeBSD, Win*, Cisco IOS, Sinix, MS-DOS. HP-UX, SCO-Unix, Minix, TANIX, RSX-11M, CP-M, C-64, AIX.

  • TCP/IP:
    I started with the Internet in 1989, for this reason I probably was one of the first 10.000 Internet specialists in Germany. I worked in the Second Level Support at Sun Microsystems (1989) and (1991) as an consultant, together with some network-engineering collegues I have managed projects, mostly for international operating companies. I have programmed a lot with TCP/IP and know the internas of the most important services, like Telnet, FTP or NFS pretty well. I gave lectures about topics "TCP/IP und NFS in practice" (1992), "Networkprogramming under UNIX" and "Sytemprogramming under UNIX" (1993-95). Heterogeneous Networks, Client/Server Implementations (real ones, not HTTP :-)), TLI, Sockets, Firewalls (not installation, but design & implementation), Security, Network and System managment, DNS, ONC (Open Network Computing: RPC, NIS, NFS, OpenWindows (X11), PC/NFS). DSL, ISDN, PPP, Ethernet. Samba. news (INN), (send)MAIL, SSH.

  • Web
    I started with the World Wide Web in 1993. As a systemprogrammer I have my fun modifying and widening such services. PHP, CGI, HTML, Java, Browser, (Apache) Webserver, SSL, HTTP, HTTPS. Java-Script.

  • Programming Languages and Programming Tools
    GNU, Ansi-C, gcc, libc, libg, Sun-C, Scripts, Perl, Perl/TK, g++, MS-Visual C++. CVS, RCS, SCCS, make, gdb, dbx, awk, sed, Posix-Threads. Tcl/TK, Emacs, Pascal, Basic, Java, dBASE, Clipper, OpenWindows, Motif, X11 COBOL (RM + MicroFocus), Java-Script, Assembler (x86).

  • System and Network-Management
    I spent substantial engineering time with this topic. Approximately 4 men-years since 1993. SNMP, MRTG, Big Brother, CA Unicenter TNG, Lance+.

  • Microsoft Systems
    I must admit, i am acquanted well with Win*, have developped about 2.5 years with NT.

  • Internet Service Provider
    I started ISP-business in 1998. Hosting and Server-Homing, firewalling, Security, IP-connectivity and customer specific solutions. Complete development of the IP-Accounting Software for automatic billing. Configuration of Cisco gateway-router, coaching of Unix-Cluster systems, Implementation of Firewall-Security Solutions and Unix Systemadministration. Installserver for Unix-Systems.

  • Databases
    From the beginning, I had to work with RDBMS in about every second project, mostly as engineer and admin in one person. But I always made that by the way, because necessary, it never was my primary job. Programming, Embedded SQL (C), Oracle, MySQL. Ingres, Informix, Clipper, dBASE.

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