I was born, the 1st of May 1965, in Bavaria. I was raised in a small Town in Bavaria London, Bonn, Bucarest and Helsinki. My Parents still live abroad, thus i know a lot of Luxemburg, Kiev, Izmir and Vienna. I always wanted to be a young father, Thats why i married soon and made 2 smart, charming Boys. They are 18 and 15 years old, live with their Mother. I mostly lived in Berlin and Munich, but also in Frankfurt. I love skiing, snowboarding, talking, skating, discussions, propiatation, action-sports, motor-biking, fast cars, dancing (tekkno) (and much more). This might sound dangerous, but its not, if you know your limits.

I am not only straight direct, sometimes too direct and i value this at fellow men.

Thanks for Listening.

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