The GPL (Gnu Public License)

  • GPL = GNU Public License
  • GNU = "GNU is not UNIX". an akronym which contains itself :)
  • GPL/GNU is what many people mix up with Linux.
  • GPL/GNU is the reason, why SUN was so successful with their UNIX.
  • GPL/GNU is the reson, why Linux is so successful.
  • GPL is a Licensing Scheme.
  • GNU-Software may be used for free, even for commercial purposes.
  • GPL-Software is always available as sourcecode.
  • A Licence once under the GPL, can not be revoked.

  • The list of professional, first class, overwhelming Software includes hundreds of Products.
  • This is a short overview of the most popular Highlights:
    • Linux (The UNIX-Kernel for 80x86)
      more severe: What most people thik is Linux, that is actually 99% GNU-Software.
    • Apache (The doubtless worldwide best Webserver.)
    • Bind (The best DNS Server.)
    • gcc (Super Cross-Compiler)
    • Mozilla (GPL-Version of Netscape) (Is now the BASE of Netscape)
    • Perl (very popular, heterogenous Scripting-Language)
    • Sendmail (The worldwide best (only?) Mail-Server)
    • Samba (The better, performanter SMB-Server)
    • StarOffice (A slow Office-Packet v. Sun Microsystems,
      nevertheless, it winns the price-contest against Office)
    • Squid (The Proxy-Server)
    • CVS (The Sourcecodemanagement System)
    • mysql (The Lightweight sql-Database without Transaction-support.
      Perfekt for Webservers, because selects work much faster, then with transaction-oriented databases.
      mysql is the currently most used SQL-DB in the GPL-World.
    • PHP (Extrem popular and powerful Skripting for Webserver)

  • These products are usually better, faster, more stable, then comparable commercial products.
  • The have a wordwide developer community.
  • Serious bugs are usually fixed over night. (Commercials only reach this exceptionally.)
  • No producer can stop his own product. This means:
  • In contrast to commercials, these products can only die, when no one uses them any more.
  • They can not die, because a producer doesn't want to support it anymore, or sells it's ownership.
  • Because of those reasons: GPL outplays any commercial Licensing scheme.
  • Because of those reasons: GPL-Software is the OS of the future.
  • Warning: Many of those products are somehow complex.
  • Short: "Click and 3 x Return, Intallation done" won't work.

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